• Extension Line

    Extension Line

    Extension lines are produced between 15-250 cm.in length rom medical grade pvc raw material with male and female luer connector and sterilized with
  • Transfer Set

    Transfer Set

    This product is designed to fill the syringe with the contrast media automatically and after helps to reach the injection to the patient’s catheter.
  • T-Y Connector Line

    T-Y Connector Line

    It can be prodcue with dual and single chec valve system for dual injector. İt helps to combine contrast contrast and infusion dual way to one way to
  • Light Sensitive Set

    Light Sensitive Set

    Medical grade raw material DEPH free 800 PSI pressure Special desing production Ligth sensetive
  • Check Valf System

    Check Valf System

    Silicone gasket in the inner system helps to prevent to turn back from the blood. İt is one-way. İt prevents the blockage of the cannulla and prevents the
  • 1200 psi Line

    1200 psi Line

    Medical PVC/PU Braided tubing Rotating Luer connector 1200 PSI pressure Coiled and Flat tubing Can be suplied in all lengths
  • 3 Layer Surgical Face Mask

    3 Layer Surgical Face Mask

    Disposable 3 Ply Face Mask face mask made of Meltdown Fabric having three layers. Ultrasonically Sealed with PVC coated nose wire that is produce n high
  • Lipid Infusion Set

    Lipid Infusion Set

    This filter have the specification to keep away the bacteria and the endotoxic and safe to use the infusion for lipid, infusionand TPN solution. İt has
  • Coiled Extension Line

    Coiled Extension Line

    The length of the line is 150 cm. İt is coiled an it does not make king and can be extended as requested.