Growing Give confidence Well know Keep the promises with a good partner.

We are qiving service to health sector since 2000 and we are acting with comprehensive vision by aiming regional leadership in importation, expertation and production.

Our permanence was held with customer oriented and efficiency. The usefullness of this approach to understanding the sector and will benefit realized by new products. We are proud of fullfilling our responsibility to our users and network dealers within the framework of this awareness.

We act with the responsibility and giving high quality service to the private, government and university hospital that we are giving service. We always try win-win strategy with our business partners this reveals cultural, social and environmental sustainability.

We are excited being with domestic and overseas dealers in the knowledge transfer sessions about existing products and additional new products in the exhibitions we continue with our enthusiasm to create a huge world from tiny pieces of this big family.

We are thankful to all our friends in this sector for their help us to gain all our experience.


Exportation is important in Turkey so there is advantage to the county economy and also the location of Turkey. The scope of our company is to increase exportation year by year.


Setra Medical has the principle to give effective and high quality service during the treatment of the patients.


We associate the comfort of the patient with the convenience of the user, investigate, improve and know all the details from production to last user of the products that we sell. By this way; our mission is

1.To make our products safety and high quality

2.To follow always the newest technology and apply it to our products.

3.Being stand behind our words for not to loose our credibility among the customers and getting prominent place in the sector with our employers.

4.To arrange a good working environment with personal evolution, career opportunities and job security rules.


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